July 21, 2021

Created on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 2:00:31 PM
Updated on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 2:00:31 PM
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Tables of Ellipses (Warmup)
Plotted Perspective
Rough Perspective Page 1
Rough Perspective Page 2
Rough alley scene in one point perspective

I started getting into the boxes section today, and man—it's a lot more difficult than I remember it being, I haven't even gotten to Rotated Boxes yet, which is arguably the hardest exercise in the whole lesson.

The page of Plotted Perspective I did was fine, I mean it's guaranteed to be provided you follow the instructions correctly since you get to use a ruler, but Rough Perspective was kind of a mess. The lines turned out pretty hairy due to me trying to fix my mistakes and the convergence was pretty inaccurate, and trying to weight the visible edges by going over them again made it look even worse.

You're not supposed to grind exercises, so I'm going to leave the rough perspective at two pages, but I'll definitely be doing an additional page as a warmup tomorrow.

I've really been neglecting for-fun drawing and the 50% rule recently, so at the end I decided to try quickly applying some of the one point perspective from the rough perspective boxes to an alley scene. I was really tired by that point and didn't really have any clue how to approach it, so I just tried some things and left it unfinished. Maybe tomorrow I'll give it a more thought-out shot. Maybe putting a grid over the reference image would help lay things out? I'm not sure.


Last time I found some references I probably should have done a Public Domain filter on my image search... oh well, I'll remember for next time.